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One who desires change in the world and by gathering knowledge and resources makes that change happen.

Make Shift Happen

Are you a shift disturber? A Changemaker in waiting?
You bet your maple flavoured bacon you are!
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Making Shift Happen

Not quite sure where to start yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Start by checking out the Changemaker Challenge to see the epic  journey our region of changemakers undertook last year, then visit our news and social sites to see the latest conversations about making a positive change. Once you are ready to put your ‘shift where your mouse-click is’ we’ll be here.

The Changemaker Challenge

The Changemaker Challenge was a social hack  designed to unite changemakers at our campuses, schools and community partners in solving together the wicked problem of social isolation. Working in teams, participants tackled the Changers Gonna Change It kits, which helped them develop their changemaking skills on the way to providing their unique solution at Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Entrepreneurial (RISE) Day at Georgian College. To learn more about this epic journey and the amazing results, visit The Challenge page.

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