So You Want
To Be A Changemaker?

(You’ve come to the right place)

At the centre of #CHANGETHENOW Movement is The Changemaker Challenge. It is designed to unite interested and participating campuses, schools and community leaders to hack one wicked problem and together try to answer:

“How might we solve social isolation?”

Last Years Hack


Social isolation is something we refer to as a wicked problem.
There is no right way to solve a wicked problem. Hence there is no good or bad solution, only possible paths. Poverty is a wicked problem, so is food insecurity. Wicked problems are intertwined with other problems and have many stakeholders all with dierent ideas about what causes them and what the solutions could be


So why bother trying to solve a wicked problem like social isolation?
Because, we didn’t say we couldn’t solve a wicked problem, we just need to look at it from as many viewpoints as possible.

This is where we need you!

We believe together, as a region, we can open up a catalogue of many possible paths. If we provide you the knowledge and resources to answer how might we solve social isolation,
do you think you could join us in adding a wicked solution?

The Changemaker Challenge

How It Works:

Teams comprised of students from (K – Post-Secondary), teachers, faculty, staff, community members, businesses, organizations work through a sequence of innovation stages to focus on how they will answer the Challenge’s question – How Might We Solve Social Isolation.

Move at the speed you need.

The innovation stages are provided via 2 Changers Gonna Change It! Kits™ that contain the tools and resources to understand and explore the problem, ideate, prototype and model a conceptualized solution. As teams progress in their ideas they are supported with information about mentors and access to resources that can bring a team’s work to fruition. Once a team has completed all steps outlined in each box, they can apply to present their ideas at Research, Innovation and Scholarship Day on April 9th at Georgian College, Barrie!

Changers Gonna Change It! Kits™

Getting Started:

Step 1 – Register

Don’t have a team yet? Don’t let this stop you.
Register anyway and we will connect you with other Changemakers looking to for team members!

Step 2 – Get Your Kit!

Once you register, you should get an email confirmation with information on where to pick up a kit. Chances are, though one of our #CHANGETHENOW team members will just hand deliver it to you!

Step 3 – Get Started

Once you get your first Kit, you can dive right in and join a community of peers, coaches and mentors ready to help you with whatever you need! Let’s Get This Shift Started!

Count Down To The Research, Scholarship & Innovation Day April 8th, 2020









One who desires change in the world and by gathering knowledge and resources makes that change happen.

Got Questions?

What is the Changemaker Challenge?

The key activity of the #CHANGETHENOW movement is a social hack conceptualized as The Changemaker Challenge. The #CHANGETHENOW Changemaker Challenge is oriented toward students (K to postsecondary) faculty, teachers, staff and community partners so they might envision, create and enact activities and programs that will help tackle a wicked community problem and result in increased well-being across the region.

Who are the organizers?

#CHANGETHENOW is a partnership between Georgian College, the Simcoe Country District School Board, and Ashoka Canada.

Who do I contact for more information?

mail us at the Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation at Georgian College and we will get you information you need or find the person that has it!

How do I get involved?

There are many ways to participate in the #CHANGETHENOW movement.

  • a) JOIN: by taking the Changemaker Pledge
  • b) SIGN-UP AND SHARE: Interested participants can sign-up to receive information about events or follow and share on social media.
  • c) ATTEND: Individuals can participate and attend any number of events hosted through the year including Story Cafes, the Un-conference and of course the #CHANGETHENOW Changemaker Challenge.
  • d) LEAD: #CTN Team leaders sign up to join the #CHANGETHENOW Changemaker Challenge to gain access to the 1) Changers Gonna Change It KitTM 2) associated support resources and; 3) events held throughout September to April, the duration of the Challenge.
Who can participate?

We are looking for community Changemakers! You could be a student from (K-12), a parent, a teacher, faculty, staff, community partner, community group - there is a role and place for everyone.

We need Changemaker Challenge Teams - this can consist of any combination of the above!

We need Changemaker Mentors and Experts - we are looking for community leaders that have knowledge and resources that can support our Changemaker Challenge Teams through October to April.

We need Changemaker Champions - we need people to spread to word, support, share and volunteer to talk about what is happening and share the love!

What happens in April 2021?

As a community we will come together with our ideas generated through the Changemaker Challenge and present our solutions at Research, Innovation and Scholarship Day at Georgian College in Barrie. This event is designed to celebrate creativity, innovation and new ways to make our communities and economies better places for all.