Experience “Straight Outta San Diego”

Experience “Straight Outta San Diego”

Charlie Changemaker, #ChangeTheNow, The Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation and GCSA want you to experience changemaking in San Diego this February to join Georgian at the AshokaU Exchange.

As a Georgian College, student if you have joined #ChangeTheNow Changemaker Movement either by taking the pledge or sign-in up to hack Social Isolation then you are eligible to Experience Straight Outta San Diego!


  1. If you have not signed up to participate in #ChangeTheNow, register via ‘Take The Pledge‘ or ‘Join The Hack
  2. Tell us why your flavour of changemaking should go to San Diego by doing ONE of the following:
    A) Submitting a 2-3 min video via YouTube, Vimeo or whatever works for you. Be sure to tag it with hashtag #ChangeTheNow.
    B) Writing a 500 – 1000 word submission either in an email, blog, reddit post, medium post whatever is your platform of choice. Remember to use the hashtag #ChangeTheNow
    C) Creating a compelling Instagram Story using the hashtag #ChangeTheNow documenting an act(s) of changemaking that you are doing either while participating in the social hack or existing work you do to make our community a better place!


Last date to submit (you chosen path of entry from the list above) is Wednesday January 10th, 2019

Good Luck Changemakers. Hope to see one of you in San Diego.