Senior Social Isolation

Spreading Awareness about Volunteer Programs

Geared Towards Seniors

Senior Social Isolation

“Only a life lived for others is worth living” ~ Albert Einstein

This project focused on spreading awareness about the kind of volunteer programs for Seniors that are available for students to become involved in. High school students need to work (40) volunteer hours in order to graduate high school and are often unaware of where they can volunteer.

How it Works

Through our research, we found many different problems within the scope of Senior Social Isolation. We originally expected the main issue would be a lack of awareness about the programs amongst seniors citizens in the Orillia area, but this was not the case. After speaking with one of the organizers from one of the  largest senior services in Orillia, we learned that the main problem was a lack of volunteers. We re-defined the problem and amended the problem statement to spreading awareness of these programs not just to seniors, but more importantly to people who would want to volunteer!


Theme: Senior
Semester: Grade 10
Designed For: Seniors
Creators: Twin Lakes Secondary School Student
Additional Keywords: Seniors, Isolation, Volunteering

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