Happy Helpers

 Social Isolation in Elders

Happy Helpers

“The worst feeling isn’t being lonely. It’s being forgotten by someone you would never forget “~ Author Unknown 

“If you can’t do something great, do something good and make it count” Sadie, Grade 4. We are part of the Change Agents at Shanty Bay Public School. We pick an issue we are concerned about and then we make a change. We focused on Social Isolation in Elders.

How It Works

We are concerned about social isolation problems among the older community members in the Barrie and surrounding area. Our solution is aimed towards residents at the Barrie Manor Enhanced Care Community and we hope we can make them feel welcome in their new home. We do various activities with older people to make them feel comfortable and not socially isolated. 

The Process
  1. We used the help of the internet and searched for local senior homes.
  2. Finally deciding on Barrie Manor we contacted them using the email provided on their website.
  3. Arranging for a time to meet them and working out the various details.
  4. Finally, Going to their old age home and helping them in any way they want.


Theme: Senior Social Isolation

Program: Change Agents

Designed For: Seniors

Creators: Grade 4 Students

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