Hawk Flock Club

Creating an After School Club for Students 


Hawk Fock Club  

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forgot that they are someone today” ~ Stacia Tauscher 

Students taking care of siblings or others after school are not able to participate in after-school  programs, socially isolating them. Our solution focused on providing an after-school club for students who provide after-school child care.

The club allows the students to bring their siblings with them so all of them could participate in the various activities together.

How It Works

Many students in our school provide after-school childcare for their younger siblings so they are unable to participate in after-school activities. Our solution focused on creating a club where students who provide a after-school child care can bring their younger siblings with them and take care of them collectively while participating in the after-school activities.


We want to spread the word: Students need help with after-school care in order to participate in after-school activities!

The Process
  1.  Work on your club’s idea and various activities you will do in the club
  2. Approach a Teacher with your Club idea
  3. Get the Club approved by the principal
  4. Spread awareness about your club throughout the school
  5. Especially let students who provide after-school child care know about your club and enroll them in.

Theme: After School Club
Designed For: Students who provide after school childcare
Creators: Ashoka Team
Additional Keywords: Childcare, Club

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