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Fighting Homeless Social Isolation  

HTYouth Connect 

“What are you doing for others?” ~ Martin Luther King Jr

We believe that people who are homeless are the most socially isolated people. We developed a multi-tiered approach which focused on prevention and intervention campaigns.

How It Works

We are tackling social isolation amongst homeless youth in our community using a multi-tiered approach:

Prevention: We are putting together a presentation for all Orillia elementary schools about youth homelessness with information about local supports for mental and social health.

Intervention: We are supporting ‘The Orange Door’ project with a fundraising and awareness initiative; we will be camping out downtown Orillia in our cardboard shelters.

We’d like to help prevent youth homelessness; for those youth who are already homeless, we’d like to create an emergency shelter in Orillia, so they can maintain important social connections.

The Process
  • A Cardboard City Campout- we’ll be spending the night in a cardboard box on the street to raise awareness about youth homelessness in our community and to raise funds for local homeless youth with the construction of a local shelter.
  • We added some important information for parents and students about mental health supports in our community to this bulletin board @ Harriett Todd.
  • Grants Applications – ideally we would love to prevent youth homelessness but for those who are already suffering we will make grant applications for funds to create and maintain emergency shelters.
Recommended materials and Resources
  • Community Partners
  • Volunteers
  • Charitable Organizations already fighting homelessness
  • A good social media operator in order to raise awareness about their social issue.
  • Nowhere to call home – Leah Denbok
  • The Invisible Boy – Trudy Ludwig

Theme: Homelessness
Designed For: Humans
Creators: Grade 7 Students
Additional Keywords: Homelessness

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