CICE Citizenship &
Changemaking Project

Meaningful integration through community service learning that is student-driven 

CICE Citizenship & Changemaking Project 

Ensure everyone has the right to participate, to learn, to work and to contribute.” ~ CICE Core Values

Integration goes both ways between individuals and community. Like our tree, each part (the roots, the trunk, the bark, the branches, the buds, and the leaves) is valued and contribute to the healthy function and growth of the tree. Leaves are different than roots, but both are valued and integral to the whole. Without the bark or branches or roots, the tree is unhealthy. Meaningful integration is essential for the healthy function of our communities.

How it Works

CICE Citizenship & Changemaking Project

Our Vision: CICE students empowering communities. Communities empowering CICE students.

Our Focus: Meaningful integration through community service learning that is student driven.

The Project: CICE, with the support of Georgian’s Changemaking Team, will offer weekly Citizenship & Changemaking seminars for 2nd-year CICE students as they approach graduation and transition to life beyond CICE.

The Process

By participating in the Citizenship & CICE Changemaking Project, students will:

● examine basic civic duties and responsibilities in Canadian society;
● explore changemaking initiatives;
● identify specific areas of interest related to helping others;
● promote change through the planning and implementation of a changemaking group project;
● engage with the wider community;
● receive guidance on how to add the changemaking project to their professional portfolio.


Theme: Accessibility
Program: Community Integration through Cooperative Education (CICE)
Semester: Winter 2019
Designed For: Students
Creators: CICE Educators
Additional Keywords: Integration, community service learning

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