Intergenerational Games
Day with Seniors

Solving Senior Isolation through Intergenerational Games Day

Intergenerational Games Day with Seniors

“The best way to pursue happiness is to help other people.” ~ George Lucas

Spending time with seniors and playing games with them, sharing experiences and making them feel loved will help them feel connected and not socially isolated.

How it Works

We went to Victoria Village Retirement Home to connect with senior residents through board game play, coffee, and treats. Our goal was to break down social isolation among seniors by showing them that we care, and provide them with a meaningful experience. It’s important to recognize that some seniors may not have families or any visitors which is a leading cause of social isolation amongst this group. One simple “hello, how are you?” or a conversation could be the only interaction they have all day, so if we make the effort to go give them company, our hopes would be to lower the number of senior that are socially isolated.


Theme: Senior Isolation
Program: Program Gold Management Degree
Semester: Winter 2019
Designed For: Socially Isoalted Seniors
Creators: Golf Management Students
Additional Keywords: Seniors, Isolation, Games

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