Social [Cell]

Challenging Society to De-Isolate with Experience

and Learning Through Social Media 

Social [Cell]

Distraction from distraction by distraction.” ~ T.S. Elliot

Social media is everywhere and is well-recognized as having a negative impact on in-person communication time and skills. While we realize that social media is important to our audience, we also believe it is contributing to the growing problem of social isolation. We want to challenge our target audience to relinquish some of the negative control that modern technology has over our lives by engaging in thoughtful dialogue about social isolation and challenge them to enhance their own lives through in-person experiences and learning.

How it Works

After thoughtful and in-depth research, we developed a prototype product that will help prevent youth from being socially isolated because of their social media. We will utilize an awareness campaign to familiarize the market with this problem & our prototype. The awareness campaign will consist of a life-sized cell phone we constructed so there can be a physical representation of the psyhical isolation social media causes. The campaign would run throughout elementary, secondary/post-secondary and community spaces so we can spread as much awareness as possible.


Theme: Social Media Isolation Program: Program Semester: Winter 2019 Designed For: Youth Social Media Users Creators: Social Entrepreneurship Additional Keywords: Social Media, Youth

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