The Guild

Combining Gaming and Social Interaction

The Guild 

If we are the society, the changes we make will change the world.” ~ Georgian College Students

We want to encourage more face-to-face interaction among gamers.

How it Works

The primary goal is to bring our video gaming loving audience together physically; to create an event/space where they can play, compete, eat, spectate and create new friendships in an effort to reduce social isolation. We recognize that people usually play video games by themselves and virtually with others, we want to encourage more face-to-face interaction among gamers. The idea is to have a brick and mortar place that will be both a restaurant/bar, as well as an open space video gaming space.  By combining these two acitivites we hope people can come together and socialize with one another.

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Theme:  Gaming
Program: Social Entrepreneurship 
Semester: Winter 2019
Designed For: People who like to game 
Creators: Business Administration Students at Georgian College 

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