Enactus Georgian

“Georgian 101” Guidebook & “Say My Name” Movement

Enactus Club, Georgian College

“A solution created with students, by students!” – Enactus Georgian motto

By giving new Georgian College students a specially designed guidebook we hope to create a more inclusive environment and reduce the impact of social isolation. Called “Georgian 101”, this free resource includes specific tools designed to assist new students in adjusting to Georgian College & the surrounding community.  In addition, in-person workshops are planned to help students model the skills they are being taught by the guidebook. Enactus presented the project at the Scotiabank Youth Empowerment Challenge and were a mere 3 points away from placing 3rd place!

How it Works

Georgian 101 Guidebook – Designed for students away from home, many for the first time in a more rural environment and some to study at the Barrie campus of Georgian College. We have developed a digital companion that helps integrate you into both the college environment and the local community, by empowering you with valuable connections that will impact lives one download at a time. Contact us to receive your free download and access to our affordable and valuable workshops.

Say My Name- To promote a society where everyone can feel accepted, and important, no matter how difficult or easy it may be to pronounce their name. We believe that everyone’s name is important, and a part of what makes us unique. By wearing this button, you immediately become approachable, letting others in our Georgian community know that you are open to meeting new people and encourage everyone to take the time to get to know one another.


The Process

1. We started by empathizing with the people who are experiencing the problem (social isolation) that we wanted to create a solution for. This was a very important step as we learned that we need to utilize a  human-centered design thinking approach in order to find the best solution to this wicked problem. (See images below)

2. Our next step was to complete a thorough needs assessment to incorporate people who are experiencing this problem into our potential solution. To this end we set-up pop-up events on campus in order to engage with students at different times of day over a period of 4 weeks.  At the events we asked both new and current students questions about their experience when they first moved to Barrie and how we could help improve that experience.

3. After we had gathered the student data, we then created a Table of Contents (see image below) that included all of the popular categories students had trouble with when they first moved to Barrie. We originally wanted to create a physical guidebook, however, we quickly realized that it would be costly and less accessible. So we decided to use Lucidpress to create an interactive online PDF version that can be saved to students mobile devices, making it easily accessible.

Recommended Materials & Resources
  • Persona’s
  • Journey Map
  • Empathy Map Canvas
  • Defining the Problem Worksheet
  • Building your Idea Worksheet
  • Norman Door’s Video 

Theme: Student Isolation
 Semester: Winter 2019
Designed For: New Students at Georgian College
Creators: Club Members
Additional Keywords: New students, guidebook, Say My Name, Georgian 101

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