21 Acts of Kindness

Challenging students and staff to practice kindness for 21 days 

21 Acts of Kindness 

“When you are kind to others it not only changes you, it changes the world” ~ Harold Kushner, Author

It takes 21 days to make a habit, so the students and teachers of Barrie North Collegiate practiced preforming acts of kindness for fellow students and teachers in the hopes of making daily kindness a habit.

How it Works

The purpose of the Kindness Card “21 Acts of Kindness” challenge was to encourage students and staff to intentionally practice daily acts of kindness for 21 consecutive days, which is the time that experts say it takes to make an act a habit. Students and staff received kindness cards that they had someone sign when they completed an act of kindness for them. The act of asking for a signature by the initiator of the act of kindness was deliberate – it did not diminish the act – as it sparked conversation between the two individuals. This exchange helped to foster relationships and reduce social isolation. Once cards were completed they could be exchanged for a treat and the card was then entered into a weekly draw for prizes such as gift cards.

Recommended Materials & Resources

Some recommended items in order to turn this idea into a reality would be

  • Kindness Tracker Card
  • Prizes for winner of the weekly draw and fo those who fill out their card


Theme: Kindness
Designed For: Humans
Creators: Students and Teachers from Barrie North Collegiate
Additional Keywords: Kindness, Prizes, Habits

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