Does Technology
Make You Lonely?

A Challenge to Leave Social Media Behind 

Does Technology Make you Lonely?
“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” ~ Albert Einstein
We wanted to bring awareness to individuals about how much time they spend on their phones. Our project included a questionnaire and the “Leave it Behind Challenge”.


How it Works

This project is all about social isolation due to technology. Our purpose is to get people to talk to each other instead of being on their phones when face to face. Why would you rather be on your phone than talk to real people, why would you rather take a picture/selfie and show people later than live in the moment now? We hope to be able to get people to open their eyes and recognize the time spent staring at a screen; we may not be able to change people’s minds but at least they will see what is really happening.  We have created a lesson plan for teachers a different schools to teach their students about the effects technology has on social isolation, and a have asked participants to complete questionnaire.  After the campaign, when people see the effects, we hope to dive a little deeper into their behaviour with a follow-up questionnaire to gauge what has changed.

Recommended Materials & Resources

To go through with this project, there is not many physical things that will be needed. For the “Leave it Behind Challenge” where you leave your phone at home for 48 hours, the following materials were created:

  • Lesson Plan for Teachers
  • Questionnaire
  • Challenge communication pieces like posters, morning announcements
  • Post Challenge Questionnaire

Theme: Technology
Program: Shanty Bay Change Agents
Designed For: Humans
Creators: Shanty Bay Public School
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