Welcoming Act

 Helping All New Students at Barrie North Collegiate 

Welcoming Act

“Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity. It’s about intentionally planning for the success of all students.”

~Vanessa Bartlett

Our mission is to ensure that all students feel welcome and supported from the moment that they arrive at Barrie North Collegiate to reduce social isolation amongst our students.

How it works

The English Language Learners at the school had been working with the Grade 9 Gifted Learning strategies Class to address the fact that students sometimes experience social isolation when they begin classes at Barrie North Collegiate. We have students arriving from all over the world. Our mission is to ensure that all students feel welcome and supported from the moment that they arrive at Barrie North. With that in mind, we have created a website that will be attached to our school home page. On it, future students can find videos and a handbook about life at Barrie North. The resources are available in multiple languages. The website will be promoted through our Guidance Department. It can also be shared with parents and coordinators of international student programs and exchanges.

Recommended Materials and Resources

We have created a banner which welcomes students in multiple languages. We will be ordering it from Staples.

It is really important to include the “empathize” step. Each of the students who we interviewed about arriving at our school had concerns that we hadn’t anticipated. For example, one student was very concerned about wearing hijab, and another has a sibling with autism and wanted to know about services for students with special education needs.

The Process

Step 1: Identify student stakeholders (kids who want to promote inclusiveness and kids who are able to contribute their language skills).

Step 2: Set up a gmail account.

Step 3: Set up a YouTube channel, using the team gmail account. Make sure that comments are disabled.

Step 4: Set up a Google Team Drive.

Step 5: Interview newcomers and ask what resources they could have used when newly arrived at your school. For example, none of our newcomers knew where to buy school supplies.

Step 5: Based on the interviews, outline a series of videos that will address these issues.

Step 6: Have students write scripts and interview questions.

Step 7: Have the students record the videos. We did some of the videos in English and some in other popular languages at the school such as Arabic and Japanese.

Step 8: Upload videos to YouTube. Have the students write subtitles for the videos in as many languages as possible.

Step 9: Create a pdf handbook that covers the same topics as the videos. Translate the handbook into as many languages as possible.

Step 10: Use Google Sites to create a website (use the team gmail account to set it up).

Step 11: Load all of your work to the website. Include links to translating websites, to community resources, and make a list of human resources who people can contact at the school.

Step 12: Post the link to your website on the school website and send it out through social media.

Step 13: Share the link with anyone who might be responsible for registrations at your school.

Social Media Links


The website is not live at this time, as we are still working on the project. Our goal is to go live May 2019.


Theme: Welcoming new students
Program: Teachers & Students
Semester: High school
Designed For: New High school Students
Creators: Barrie North Collegiate

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